Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Noisey Neighbors

With Long Island Sound just a stroll down the street and the salt marshes behind us,the warm weather brings out the neighbors. There's a constant chatter of the Red Winged Blackbirds, the squawking of seagulls...well, you get the picture. We have a Blue Heron, 8 large white Cranes,several species of ducks and geese and a fox to name a few. It's a pleasure to have the windows open during the day, that is until Thursday. A family of Sandpipers, Willets to be exact, must have been teaching their young to fly. They were so noisey, kip,kip,kip was all you heard in between squawking when someone went near the marsh. We listened to this for two days straight and today they are gone. Either they were quick learners or the fox ate them , maybe they are walking on the sand, perhaps on one of the Thimble Islands. Where ever they are, it sure is quiet here.

Have a Happy Father's Day!

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