Sunday, February 26, 2012

...another bunny to mind your pins.

Here's the latest pincushion for 2012. It's bunny time, I can't wait for spring. I also need to build my inventory big time....we have the Fairfield Rug Show in March, Fleece and Fiber Festival at Hallockville in May and a new one....Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair in Grayslake, Ill. EEK!!!

I did put Mr. Bunny Head in my Etsy Shop for purchase. The link is on the right.

til next time....

Friday, February 3, 2012 hopped right into my heart...... sachet for 2012 listed in my Etsy shop.The link is on the right or send me an email to

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another "Hookers" Birthday

We celebrate everyone's Birthday in our little group of rug hooking buddies. Last night was Mary's, (no ages divulged)and we celebrated at Kathy's. She made goodie bags for all of us, I made the cake....chocolate buttermilk with peanut butter frosting, Rose made a baked chicken dish and a salad of greens, walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese, Kathy picked up a loaf of Judie's French Bread and Steph brought a bottle of red wine. We had such a good time together,as always. We started laughing as soon as we sat down to eat and didn't stop until it was time to leave. A second bottle of red wine appeared and while I can't tell you what we spent the night laughing about, I can tell you my cheeks hurt by the end of the night. We get to do it all over again the end of February......I can't wait.